Tuesday evening peak projected to be snowy and nasty

Posted: 2014/02/03 in stall, Weather

The National Weather Service has issued a Winter Weather Advisory from 06:00 tomorrow through 06:00 Wednesday, but neighboring counties just to the north are under a Winter Storm Warning.  Between 3 to 5 inches of snow is projected to fall for the entire I-270 corridor, but the forecast and the track of the storm can change.


Rounding the curve westbound just past Lilac exit

The amount of snow will not be the problem with this storm, it will be when the storm arrives. It is projected to arrive right before the start of the evening peak periods, and that will make the commute nasty. The hill between the Bellefontaine and Lilac exits has reared its ugly head during snow events twice this winter with tractor trailer accidents, and there was an incident up the hill last winter as well.

This is heading up the hill westbound just west of the Lilac exit.

This is heading up the hill westbound just west of the Lilac exit.


On top of the hill


Heading downhill just before Bellefontaine exit in the westbound direction.


If you must go to work tomorrow, plan accordingly and do not forget to stock up on extra water and snacks in your vehicle in case standstill traffic happens.  The editor does not want to hear about another incident similar to the scale that happened last week in Atlanta and Birmingham.

The morning commute did not go off without a hitch – a peak hour stall just before 07:00 westbound on the canal bridge and an unrelated incident at the 255 interchange would set the tone of very slow traffic for the entire morning peak.



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