More snow predicted for Friday

Posted: 2014/02/13 in Weather
Snow prediction for 2/14/14

Snow prediction for 2/14/14

The winter that has seen a lot of snow so far will continue, as a system tomorrow is projected to bring in 1 to 3 inches of snow.  The editor has not seen a projected timeline of the storm but it is possible that it could move in time for the Friday morning peak – just like several other storms have done this season.  It seems like every time snow falls there are incidents that happen in the days following – just like the snow that fell last week led to this happening  late last week during the morning peak:




The incident last Friday was minor but did trigger some lane blockage – on a morning that Highway 40 was shut down just west of the Poplar Street Bridge due to a truck fire. The Thursday incident took almost 90 minutes to clear and one lane was down in both directions at one point.

The Musial Bridge opened last weekend, and right now it is too soon to tell how it will impact the peak periods on this section of 270.


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