Overnight lane closures tonight

Posted: 2014/03/19 in accident, construction, IDOT, MoDOT

Once again, little notice was given for this upcoming lane closures as the VMS along various points along 270 did not mention this at all yesterday:

At least this one will be during the overnight hours from 21:00 to 05:00 for westbound drivers TONIGHT.

Potholes are starting to pop up again – yesterday the editor noticed remains of two tires along the mainline while en route to the MoDOT hearing.  There was an alleged incident yesterday on the canal bridge in the eastbound direction during the 10:00 hour – the remains of one of the tires was found in that area.  It was cleared by 11:00.


There was another close call with a vehicle trying to limp off the bridge this morning during the morning peak – a tractor-trailer narrowly missed hitting that vehicle from behind in the middle of the river bridge during the 07:00 hour.  The 5 minutes it took the vehicle to limp off caused peak hour traffic at the busiest time of the morning to remain slow for the rest of that hour.

MoDOT has posted the virtual public meeting today.  Below is their YouTube video of their proposed alternatives from Old Halls Ferry to the river bridge:

The deadline for comments is April 1


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