2 incidents = morning peak chaos

Posted: 2014/03/26 in accident

Sometime during the 06:00 hour, there is an incident in the westbound lanes just west of the canal bridge, which is never a good time window for any incident on this section of 270.


Shortly after this tweet is retweeted, a major can of worms happened. Right after that tweet the editor turned on the morning news on one of the local TV stations and one of the reporters promptly bragged about how light the traffic was. Well anyone that is familiar with this section of 270 should know that light traffic moving across the river bridge on that MoDOT live feed camera during the 06:00 or 07:00 hours during the normal workday is NOT a good sign unless it is a weekend or holiday.   This incident also blocked one eastbound lane as well, but the delays eastbound was not as obvious.

The accident was just west of the canal bridge and blocked the left lane, in generally the area that had the new lane shift done in the past few weeks. Before long, all 3 major TV news stations was on this during the morning news.  The facebook feeds did not explode unlike with past peak hour incidents, but one of the viewers posted an image that appeared a second incident happened in the same direction on the canal bridge.  Twitter, however, exploded with a lot of choice words – many of the tweets not appropriate to even share on this page.  

The incident was cleared during the 08:00 hour but not before the damage was done: westbound traffic delayed all the way to Route 157, at least an hour of additional travel time for the people stuck in it, and one of the major TV news stations making an article about it (don’t be fooled by their headline, it did not happen in North County unlike the incident last week).

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