Clark Bridge work starts April 7

Posted: 2014/03/28 in construction, IDOT
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For all the Riverbend residents that rely on the Clark Bridge in some form or another, IDOT has announced that lane closures will start on that bridge on April 7 and last through July 31.  The good news is that there are stipulations where no southbound lane closures may occur during the morning peak and northbound closures for the evening peak.  The bad news is that this will likely mean more traffic on this section of 270.   The weather is getting warmer and that will mean more construction-related delays will happen, and the last thing that needs to happen is something to go horribly wrong on this section of 270.

Just for good measure, for the Metro East residents that use this section of 270 then use 255, there is some bad news for you as well.  Unlike the Clark Bridge work, the lane closures are 24/7 for this project.  This means if something like what happened Wednesday occurred after this project starts, you will have to rely on Routes 3, 203, 111, 157, 159, and 4 to get around the mess.


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