Overnight lane closures set for Wednesday night

Posted: 2014/05/06 in accident, construction, IDOT

IDOT announced today that Walsh Construction will be doing overnight lane closures on eastbound 270 near the canal bridge from 21:00 to 05:00 tomorrow night.  This work is on top of the already scheduled canal bridge inspections going on this week in the eastbound direction, and motorists must pay attention as soon as they cross the river bridge. There is a chance of severe weather during the day on Thursday but the National Weather Service has not yet issued a updated weather forecast as of 18:00 tonight and some of the early indications is a 5% chance Thursday with better odds on Friday.

The morning peak last Friday did not go without a hitch, but this incident was between the Riverview and Lilac exit – in the westbound direction:

It happened shortly after 07:30, right after the editor started the day shift at work – so the retweets and shares were late. It was not cleared until 09:15 but debris remained for some time after that.  Traffic backed up to Route 3 as the heaviest part of the morning peak was just starting to wind down.


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