Overnight lane closures May 20-21

Posted: 2014/05/16 in construction

EDITORS NOTE:  Corrected with the correct dates.  Wrong dates were posted last week.  KH

Lane closures approaching the canal bridge have been announced for eastbound drivers from 21:00 to 05:00 on May 20 and 21.  Walsh Construction is planning on installing temporary concrete barriers both nights.  One eastbound lane will be closed when the overnight work is going on.  Please drive safely in the work zones, especially to the truckers.

There were a pair of incidents on Thursday – one not on the mainline lanes but blocked the Riverview ramp to westbound 270 for quite some time during the latter portions of the morning peak.  The other happened between the bridges during the evening peak – blocked a single westbound lane for an hour as a stalled semi had to be removed.  The stalled semi caused traffic to back up to Route 3.  Roads were wet for both incidents – it had just rained less than an hour before the report of the stalled semi came in.

All this came on the heels of a overturned trash truck in the eastbound direction during the morning peak east of Route 203 – causing westbound traffic to back up to 255 just for the purpose of gawking.   Once again, wet roads were a factor in that incident – causing traffic to back up towards Route 3 on a day that the Vice President was making his political rounds through the River Bend.


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