Severe Weather Risk for tomorrow

Posted: 2014/05/20 in accident, Weather

The National Weather Service has put the I-270 corridor in the risk of severe weather during the day tomorrow.  They have not yet decided on the risk factor at this time, but it is at least a 15% risk that the thunderstorm will go severe.  A cold front will be going through during the afternoon hours, and this front has been triggering severe storms in Northern Illinois this evening.  

Last week, the editor posted a video on the Facebook page for one of the reasons why severe weather threats are always posted here.  Almost 20% of the traffic through this section of 270 is truck traffic, and most of the I-70 through truck traffic in St. Louis will go down 270.  The link to that video has since been deleted, but it was trending in the past week (a censored version of the video has been found).  This incident happened in a different state, but the 18-wheelers have a very high center of gravity and strong winds can topple them over to the side.  In July 2006, a severe thunderstorm took a direct hit on this section of 270 in “back door” fashion, knocking over three tractor-trailers on the river bridge – shutting down the eastbound lanes for hours.  (It was a blessing that the storm hit around sunset, after the evening peak had ended.)

Please keep in mind that the scheduled canal bridge work tomorrow is weather permitting (editor note: I did goof up the dates – it is scheduled 21:0o to 05:00 5/20 and 5/21).

Monday morning did not go smoothly due to an incident west of Bellefontaine and a minor one at Lilac that caused peak hour traffic to back up to the river bridge.

It happened during the 07:00 hour and was cleared by 07:45.


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