Police pursuit allegedy triggers 2 vehicle accident on river bridge during peak hour

Posted: 2014/05/28 in accident

Around 17:15, a police pursuit went on 270 through North County as 2 suspects went across the river on 270.  The suspects kept the pursuit going until they later ditched the car along 55/70 near Route 111, but not before the damage was done.



Right after, there was a Walgreens truck now sitting in the left lane in the middle of the river bridge going eastbound – during the peak hours and not moving at all.

Crews arrived within several minutes.  Soon after this, the Walgreens truck started to limp off the bridge to reveal it was indeed a accident involving at least two vehicles:

270ebatriverview05282014at1737 270ebatriverview05282014at1744

The Walgreens truck revealed a second vehicle involved in the accident as it moved away. The incident on the bridge itself did not make the news BUT the pursuit did – and it was all over Facebook on all three major TV news stations.  One of the viewers that witnessed the incident on 270 confirmed it was a sideswipe type accident.  In fact, one of the traffic reporters that uses an helicopter for a radio station also confirmed this incident was directly related to the pursuit:

The left lane would be blocked until the scene is cleared around 18:20.

UPDATE 5/29 at 19:07: charges have been announced for the alleged suspects but only for the burglary that triggered the pursuit at this time.  Additional charges for 2 suspects are still pending.  There is also a lot of people complaining to the TV news about how the chase was done through the construction zones, especially that one on 255.


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