River Bridge Inspections June 2-5; major speed enforcement taking place

Posted: 2014/05/28 in construction, IDOT

IDOT announced today that the annual bridge inspections on the river bridge will take place June 2-5, weather permitting.  The breakdown of the schedule is:

  • June 2 and 3: westbound right lane closed 09:00 to 15:00
  • June 4 and 5: eastbound right lane closed 07:00 to 15:00

Please drive safely through the construction zone and expect delays.  The police agencies around here have recently stepped up enforcement of the speed limits on this section of 270 and a massive speed trap along several sections of 270 was confirmed this morning and was still going strong heading into the evening peak.



The sections on 270 to be watching your speeds include but not limited to:

  • Between Dorsett and 370 (multiple agencies patrol it, especially Maryland Heights)
  • From 367 to Riverview (Bellefontaine Neighbors)
  • canal bridge construction zone (Illinois State Police – photo enforced and they have been confirmed to pull people going at just 5 miles over the limit)
  • 270-255 interchange (Pontoon Beach and ISP)

The hours and days that the enforcement will take place seem to be random but Bellefontaine Neighbors and Maryland Heights have a history of camping out at all hours of the day.  Please keep in mind that the canal bridge area is a construction zone and fines start at $375 if you get caught.



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