River bridge inspections extended into Friday; wet weather causes nasty morning peak

Posted: 2014/06/04 in accident, construction, IDOT, Weather

Due to the equipment issues that forced the work on Monday to be cancelled, IDOT released a press release announcing that the westbound right lane will be closed from 09:00 to 15:00 on Friday.

The storms that hit this morning weakened as it approached but hit during the morning peak hours.  The morning peak did not go off smoothly as a result as the heavy rain caused ponding to occur and led to this incident near Lilac:


This incident caused traffic to back up into Illinois, and subsequently two unrelated stalled vehicles were then reported:

The one at Route 3 caused traffic to back up to 255 well into the 08:00 hour before that was cleared.  The other 2 incidents were cleared by 07:35.   The morning peak was not made easier due to this incident on the Clark Bridge that may had set the tone for the 270 drive this morning during the 05:00 hour that took over an hour to clear:  

The rain also caused the eastbound lane closures for the bridge inspections to be delayed 3 hours as it was not until 10:00 before crews started to set up work.

Speaking of storms, another round is possible this afternoon as a cold front has yet to move through the area.  Stay tuned to the weather forecasts as the area just to the south is still in a “slight risk” for severe weather.


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