Clark Bridge lane closures June 9-20

Posted: 2014/06/06 in accident, construction, IDOT

IDOT has announced that lane reductions will be encountered on the Clark Bridge from June 9 through June 20, weather permitting, for bridge deck repairs. In short, this will mean there will be heavier than normal peak periods on this section of 270, as there is no word if the closures are either 24/7 or off-peak.  The last two weeks have not gone very well on this section of 270 during the peak periods, so any peak period issue on 270 will compound the potential traffic nightmare even worse. Speaking of recent peak periods, the incidents keep on coming – including one yesterday as the editor was trying to sleep:  

This incident takes 30 minutes to clear and backs up traffic to Route 367. Just for good measure, during the eastbound lane restrictions yesterday, there was an incident on Lilac at 270:

Last but not least, heavier than normal traffic could occur this weekend with downtown I-44 closures, and there is potential for severe weather in the forecast as well.


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