I-270 North County on the MoDOT Moving Forward wish list

Posted: 2014/06/13 in construction, IDOT, MoDOT

This morning, MoDOT released their wish list as required by Amendment 7, which comes up to Missouri voters on August 5.  The North County section of I-270 is on the list, but only the section west of 367.  While this Amendment likely has a long shot when it coming to being  approved by voters (historically the voters have been known to turn down tax increases at the polls, this section of 270 in North County is in serious need of major upgrades.  In fact, the tide may be turning on the Illinois side of the river as the recent 5-year plan published in April has turned up several projects that were later confirmed in a recent East-West Gateway document.

IDOT has finally updated their canal bridge project page, hinting at tentative dates of moving the westbound traffic in August and eastbound sometime in September.  Eastbound drivers need to be aware that there is a big lane shift right at Route 3 and there is limited distance to use the exits.

There was another incident on Wednesday afternoon westbound, in between the bridges:

This incident happened sometime in the 13:00 hour and cleared around 14:00, and backed up traffic to Route 203.


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