Slight risk tonight; pair of stalls mar the weekend

Posted: 2014/06/30 in stall, Weather

Tonight there is a slight risk for severe weather – more likely happening just to the north but could sneak into the corridor.  The odds have placed a 15% to 30% chance for severe weather as a cold front approaches the area Monday night into Tuesday morning.

The weekend did not go incident free, in fact the morning peak on Friday morning itself did not go smoothly.

This stall would happen out of live feed camera range, but would cause traffic to back up all the way to 255.  It takes almost an entire hour for this stall to clear – and it was not the only stall that happened this weekend.

Shortly after 15:00 yesterday, there is another stall – involving a tractor-trailer that broke down.


This stall draws the state police to the scene within minutes, but it will be over an hour before a tow truck would arrive.  The truck is towed down the Riverview ramp within 5 minutes of the tow arriving.  Traffic would back up to 203.


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