Slight Risk Severe Weather this evening

Posted: 2014/07/07 in Weather

As a cold front approaches today, the odds of severe weather will increase.  The NWS has labeled the I-270 corridor as Slight Risk, with a 30% hatched odds for damaging winds that could topple tractor-trailers and bring down power lines.


The forecast also calls for more rain, especially to the north which is not a good situation right now.  The rivers are above flood stage at Alton (24.8 foot crest forecasted for July 11 but subject to change).  The magic number at Alton for problems to start for people that rely on the Clark Bridge is 31, and additional rain could push the river to that threshold.  In fact, as of this afternoon, the ferries run by Calhoun Ferry Company are closed along with the Champ Clark Bridge in Louisiana, which leaves the Clark Bridge and the I-72 bridge as the only bridges open between Alton and Quincy.  The bottom line is that there will be more traffic this week and maybe next week for this section of 270, as construction is still going on at the Clark Bridge during off-peak hours.


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