Overnight closures through Thursday night

Posted: 2014/07/14 in construction, Weather

Before the details are given, here is what took place prior to the morning peak last Friday:


The editor would apologize for the delay of this post, but I have limited internet access this week due to being out of the area, and this post didn’t pop up until late this morning.  Starting tonight and going through Thursday night, westbound drivers will encounter overnight closures on the new canal bridge.  The closures will happen between 21:00 to 05:00 each night.  The 45 MPH speed limit is still active for westbound drivers as it is still an active construction zone.

The lack of a severe weather threat post for today was due to the fact the NWS SPC could not agree on slight risk over the last 3 days.  One forecast would put it in slight risk, another just hours later took it out of slight risk.  Well, severe weather did clip the corridor today as a cold front moved in – but the time window was right before the evening peak.  The live feed camera at Riverview is now down since the storms blew through.


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