North County travel advisory

Posted: 2014/08/11 in safety


With the incident on Saturday (that did not happen on 270) that involved police in Ferguson, the tensions up in North County have boiled over to the point that the admins of this page have no choice but issue a #CodeYellow for the section of I-270 from I-170 to Route 367 that will last until Thursday.  There is an additional “No Fly” restriction for this section of 270 that prohibits the TV news helicopters from this area as well.

Through traffic should avoid these exits on I-270 in North County:

  • 27 – New Florissant Road
  • 28 – Washington/Elizabeth
  • 29 – W. Florissant Road
  • 30A – New Halls Ferry
  • 30B – Old Halls Ferry

The #CodeYellow advisory will be up until at least Thursday.  There are several businesses in that area that have closed due to this situation, and tonight is marking the second straight night of unrest.  Some of this unrest has spilled in the Dunn Road area in the past 48 hours, and the QuikTrip at Dunn/W. Florissant is shut down as a result.  School is starting up in this area as well, with several slated to start this week.


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