Eastbound incident slows down the morning peak

Posted: 2014/08/26 in accident

This morning, sunlight may have played a role in this eastbound incident on the river bridge:  

The good news that it happened in the eastbound direction during the morning peak. The bad news is that it blocked a traffic lane and backed up traffic west of Lilac. Despite the fact it only blocked one lane and involved just 2 vehicles, it takes 2 hours to clear the incident:

The editor of the site recently went back to 12 hour shifts at work, so some updates may be on a delay. In fact I totally forgot to post an incident almost 3 weeks ago that happened near the canal bridge during the evening peak and I will apologize for that one (got sidetracked that night with unrelated stuff). That incident involved a overturned vehicle during a heavy rain event and turned the North County commute into a nasty one.

For the people that take the Route 111 North Exit, starting next week that exit will be off-limits due to construction at the intersection with Chain of Rocks Road. You will need to use 255 and either take the Gateway Commerce Center exit (and cut through the property) or New Poag Road exit then get back on 111.


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