Potential for severe weather today and tomorrow

Posted: 2014/09/09 in accident, stall, Weather

The NWS has set Slight Risk for severe weather for today and tomorrow – with the better odds of severe weather for tomorrow afternoon.  The odds for severe weather for today is expected to remain to the north but there is a chance of an isolated severe cell developing late in the afternoon with 5% hatched odds.

The best odds will come on Wednesday as a cold front is projected to move through the area:

There is 30% hatched odds of severe weather that day.

The most likely type of severe weather will be the damaging winds – truckers need to take special precautions for those conditions.  As always, forecasts are subject to change and there is a bust potential with any forecast.

Wednesday could also be a day of some traffic delays on a undisclosed section of I-70 through the city – around the same time the severe weather could push through.

The morning peak yesterday did not go smooth in the area between 367 and Lilac with 2 incidents during the 07:00 to 09:00 time window:

When the incident got cleared, a new one took place between Lilac and Bellefontaine involving a vehicle pulling a trailer.


This blocked the center lane for a short time until the stalled vehicle was moved to the shoulder.  The MoDOT live feed cameras have not been of the best quality lately, so please bear with some bad images for the next few weeks.  Westbound traffic backed up towards Riverview until the incidents got cleared.


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