Incident at Route 3 triggers Code Red

Posted: 2014/11/06 in accident, congestion
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traffic at standstill within 15 minutes

traffic at standstill within 15 minutes


At 16:00, traffic was still backed up, even though it was nearly an hour since it was cleared.

On what was a windy day, two vehicles collided on eastbound 270 near Route 3 approximately 14;30, virtually stalling traffic all the way back to Lilac with little movement within 20 minutes and triggered what is a “Code Red” emergency.  (Will explain that below.)  This incident is cleared by 15:10, but the damage from this incident was felt well into the 16:00 hour.  The good news was there were no injuries.

Earlier this year, we explained “Code Yellow”. Today, a “Code Red” was triggered for an hour while this was cleared.  A Code Red is saved for situations that causes a bigger disruption than a Code Yellow.  Code Red is triggered if all the mainline lanes are closed – which was not the case in this one OR when an incident causes severe disruption of traffic flow, which was the case.  Traffic backed up all the way past Lilac for this one that happened at Route 3, and it was close to the time when evening peak was to start.  There is a third condition for Code Red: odds of an incident occurring is CERTAIN – with this one in the vicinity of the canal bridge, that curve just past the river bridge right before the construction zone is a spot that secondary incidents could occur – while none happened this time around, the most dangerous time of the year is approaching.  Some of the Facebook followers have already noted that the new canal bridge has a steeper incline and they are concerned when icy weather occurs that more problems could happen there.

It is deer season right now, so expect deer to be very active for both the morning and evening peaks as Choateau Island has a large deer population.  With the return to standard time, the peak periods are now the prime time for deer to cross the roadway without warning.  Deer hunting season is underway with bow and arrow, and soon there will be shotgun season.  Stay alert out there – the deer are already spooked from the farmers and the bucks are looking for does for mating.

UPDATE 1/1/2017 – this incident is subject to a civil case in Madison County Court


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