First snow of 2014-2015 winter slated for this weekend

Posted: 2014/11/14 in Weather

While this is not going to be a big storm (it does have a bust factor, the forecast keeps changing), it is expected to give up to an inch of snow and this is the amount the biggest amounts of problems tend to happen.  Drivers often go too fast for conditions.  On Thursday night, what was supposed to be flurries turned out to be a dusting of snow, triggering Code Yellow for confirmed black ice and causing a serious accident on 367 about a mile south of 270.

When the flakes start flying, please slow down out there.  This is the time of the year where its anything goes with the weather, and Mother Nature has a history of busting weather forecasts.  Roads get very slick when there is cold temperatures and enough moisture out there.

This event will more than likely trigger a Code Yellow, but it looks unlikely that the NWS will issue Winter Weather Advisory for this in the immediate area.


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