North County Travel Advisory 11-24-14 (revised)

Posted: 2014/11/24 in fire, safety
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As of 22:40, the civil unrest from the grand jury decision has caused these sections of 270 in Missouri to go under #codeyellow with the exception for a 5 mile section listed below: codered The section of I-270 from MM 26 (I-170) to MM 30 (Old Halls Ferry Road) is now under a Code Red advisory for HIGH RISK of an incident to occur.  The unrest tonight is much worse than what happened in August.  In addition, #CodeRed also applies for Exits 27 and 29 – the worst of the unrest is on those two streets just to the south of 270.

All the schools in North County are shut down for November 25. There is no restriction for the Illinois side of the river.  The section of 270 in Missouri that is not in that 5 mile section listed above are #CodeYellow for slight risk of an incident to occur. This situation is still evolving. KSDK is urging travelers to take caution tonight.

UPDATE 11/25/2014 at 14:45

The admins have been monitoring the situation, and due to some confirmed incidents in the city of St. Louis:

I-44 from Kingshighway to the Musial Bridge (where it becomes I-70) is under #CODERED for high risk for an incident.  There has been two confirmed protestor shutdowns on this section of highway.  Code Red remains in effect on I-270 from I-170 to Old Halls Ferry Road for High Risk

These sections of highway are also under #CODEYELLOW for SLIGHT RISK for an incident to occur:

  • I-70 from IL Route 3 exit (just east of Musial Bridge) to I-170
  • I-55 from Arsenal to I-44 Merge
  • I-170 from I-70 to I-270
  • I-270 in Missouri not indicated as #CodeRed
  • I-270 in Illinois from the river bridge to IL 3 is #CODEORANGE for construction
  • Downtown STL Bridges

In addition, the weather forecast for tomorrow is not a favorable forecast, and this week is the busiest week of traffic during the year.  If you must venture out, please allow extra time on the roads.


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