North County travel advisory update

Posted: 2014/11/28 in safety
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While the emotions of the recent Grand Jury decision is still high, the decision has been made to adjust the #CodeYellow and #CodeRed risk effective immediately.

There will still be #CodeRed up for portions of three interstates in the St. Louis area, however, the advisory will not be 24-7 like it was earlier this week.  The #CodeRed will go in effect from 17:00 to 07:00 daily until the law enforcement has lifted some restrictions on certain side streets for these three interstates:

  • I-270 from I-170 to Old Halls Ferry along with Exits 27 and 29
  • I-44 from Kingshighway to Musial Bridge
  • I-70 from I-170 to Musial Bridge along with Lucas and Hunt and N. Florissant Exits

I-70 is an addition, there is a large presence of law enforcement that has been confirmed to be using that highway at all hours, especially at night.  The reason these highways will stay in Code Red is the high risk of an incident involving protestors.  The advisory will only take in effect at night, as the most problems have been happening at night – however keep in mind there has been incidents taking place in broad daylight.

From 05:00 to 17:00, those highways listed above will be under #CodeYellow for the slight risk for an incident to occur.  In addition, these other highways will remain #CodeYellow:

  • I-64 from McKnight to Hampton
  • I-170 from I-64 to Delmar, and from I-70 to I-270
  • I-270 in North County
  • All downtown bridges
  • I-55 north of the AB Brewery to the I-44 merge

The section of I-270 south of I-70 in Missouri has been dropped from #CodeYellow and the weather-related #CodeYellow for the section in Illinois has expired.  I-64 is an addition due to recent protestor incidents at businesses near the I-64/I-170 interchange.

The section of I-270 from Riverview to Route 3 will remain #CodeOrange due to the construction in the area and the confirmed presence of heavy law enforcement.  The construction zone speed limit is 45 MPH and is being strictly enforced, and the state police is doing special enforcement details in such areas.


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