Unfavorable weather expected during busy travel weekend

Posted: 2015/01/02 in Weather

With families heading home from holiday travel, this weekend is once again expected to have unfavorable weather.  While temperatures are projected to remain above freezing for the majority of the system here, there is a chance that freezing rain and/or sleet may mix in at the onset of the precipitation early Saturday morning and again on Sunday as a potent cold front moves in the area.

The odds of frozen precipitation at some point this weekend is just 10%, but it takes very little ice to cause big problems.  The worst of the weather is expected to the north and northwest of the St. Louis area.  The probability of 1″ snow from this system is 1% but the odds increase dramatically as you head just to the west on I-70.

The biggest threat from this system will be slick roads – so much that last night at 22:00 the #CodeYellow advisory went in effect when a rain/sleet mix started to develop in the area.  This quick hit was enough to cause problems in the St. Louis area, shutting down a known problem spot in West County once again.  This advisory will likely last through the weekend unless there is a bust like the Christmas Eve storm.

After the storm exits, the temperatures are once again projected to bottom out into the teens, and there is another small system for early next week that may be a watcher.


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