First implosion scheduled for Tuesday

Posted: 2015/01/16 in construction, IDOT
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File photo form May 2013.

File photo form May 2013.

As hinted last month, IDOT has officially announced the date of the first implosion to take place on January 20.  Due to the safety reasons with the nature of this job, a full closure of 270 from Riverview to Route 3 is required.  This closure will be from 10:00 to 12:00 weather permitting on the 20th.  The weather forecast is expected to be favorable this weekend into early part of next week.  This implosion is for what was once the eastbound bridge over the canal.  The westbound bridge will be imploded at a later date, along with a third implosion for an approach span.

EDIT: MoDOT will be closing ramps to eastbound 270 from Route 367, Bellefontaine, Lilac, and Riverview during this time window.  You will be required to go southbound on Riverview once you get off at 270.

With this, you will need to know the detour routes.  You can either go north towards Alton or south towards St. Louis.  Right now the Calhoun Ferry routes may be impacted due to ice on the river – so do not rely on that option.  (If the ferries reopen, we will pass this on, this is peak bald eagle season in this area.)  It is best to get off either at 367 or 255 to access routes to get to the other bridges.

For the people that do enjoy watching extreme demolition, a public viewing area will be set up along the east end of the Chain of Rocks Road by the old Route 66 canal bridge.  This area will only accommodate a limited number of spectators and you may have to walk up to a mile to get to the site.


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