Incident at Riverview slows down the lunch time traffic

Posted: 2015/02/10 in accident
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Before the details from today are delved, there is an update from an alleged incident last week.  Last week there was a botched carjacking on Route 3 at the stoplight on Chain of Rocks Road (which is just south of 270) – where the Granite City PD gave chase to a pair of alleged suspects across an undisclosed bridge.


This afternoon at approximately 11:50, there was an incident eastbound at Riverview:


With MoDOT live feed camera at Riverview still down, this incident happened just out of the range of the Lilac camera, similar to an incident that happened last week. One lane was blocked and eastbound traffic backed up towards Lilac.

It may had affected westbound traffic as well

It takes just over an hour to clear. There were some late retweets – expect this for the next few weeks as one of the admins is now on day shifts.

Also last week there was another video that leaked out regarding last year Ride of the Century – it will be saved for another post later this month.  Spring is just a few weeks away and that will mean more motorcycles.  Right now the priority is the third phase of the implosion that is due to take place next week – and the weather forecast at this point does not appear favorable.


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