Questionable Weather Expected Sunday/Monday

Posted: 2015/02/14 in Weather
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UPDATE 08:15 – 2/15/15: The forecast has made a dramatic change as the storm was trending north as we feared:

Winter Storm Warnings are now in effect for the entire I-270 corridor. With this, a #CodeRED advisory is now in effect from 12:00 today through 18:00 tomorrow – please keep travel for essential purposes only.


Very seldom that the editor will turn to the NWS Paducah for the weather forecast (it is almost always out of St. Louis and/or Central Illinois), but for this storm system that is expected to bring in questionable weather involving the s-word as early as tomorrow. While the forecast here is still around the 1 to 3 inch range, the WPC probability has 40% chance of a 4 inch snowfall and a 1% chance for 6 inches. The worst of the weather is expected just to the south of the I-270 corridor, where Winter Storm Watches are up about 100 miles to the south. Should the storm take a northerly than expected track of at least 50 miles, this can mean bigger than expected problems.  This storm has a very high bust potential, and while the I-270 corridor has been lucky with winter storms this season, Mother Nature has a history of showing that who is boss over and over again.  Time and time again we have heard about the 1 to 3 inch snowfall giving bigger problems than the snowfall events of higher amounts – so please drive safely.




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