Peak hour canal bridge incident causes 4 hours of delays

Posted: 2015/02/27 in accident, congestion, Weather
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On a very cold morning where morning peak hour temperatures were in the single digits, a semi truck failed to navigate the lane shift in the westbound direction between Route 3 and the canal bridge around 06:30.

The incident backed up westbound traffic to 255, and takes 4 hours before normal flow is restored despite the fact the semi is towed from the scene shortly after 08:00:

This was all over the morning news, drawing no less than 3 news helicopters in the area.  In fact, Fox 2 made a post about it and embedded one of the tweets regarding it.

Frustrated drivers also had their say about the latest fail:

Some drivers found a way to sneak around this one by either using New Poag Road and getting back from Route 3, or taking the Route 3 exit and going straight across at the light.

This was the second incident in this general area just this month alone. Thankfully, it is almost March as there has been several incidents on this section of 270 just for February – including a incident during the winter storm on Presidents Day that blocked both westbound lanes on the river bridge for an hour. Speaking of winter storm, another one is coming for Saturday night/Sunday morning that will turn the 270 mainline into a quagmire once again:

If a post is needed, it will be made tomorrow evening. The editor is giving another 24 hours before making this post as the forecast can still change and the bust potential is high.


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