Overnight lane closures at canal bridge March 4/5

Posted: 2015/03/03 in construction, Weather
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IDOT announced today, despite some very questionable weather that is forecasted for tomorrow, that there will be lane closures between the river bridge and Route 3 from 21:00 March 4 through 05:00 on March 5 to allow crews from Walsh Construction to remove concrete barriers.  In addition to the mainline lane closures, the EB 270 to SB Route 3 ramp will be restricted during this time:

As this is an construction zone, the 45 MPH speed limit is in effect 24/7.

Speaking of questionable weather, here is what could possibly happen – looks like an all or nothing event at this stage of the game:

The I-270 corridor is not under any advisory or warning from the NWS, but the neighboring county just to the south is. An northerly than expected track of just 50 miles could be a game changer once again, and it has been the case all season long. In addition, the projected timing of this system could bring the stuff in time for the morning peak – the worst time of the day for any type of winter weather.


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