Chain reaction on the river bridge snarls morning peak

Posted: 2015/03/05 in accident, congestion
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Time and time again the admins feared a day that a “big one” was going to happen during the morning peak.  Well this morning had to be that morning.  Although the weather was not a factor for this incident, it only takes one mistake to trigger major chaos on this section of 270.

This incident happened between 07:30 to 07:45, as there was nothing on the twitter feed at 07:30 and the admin had to turn off phone for work at that time.

Apparently the original incident could had involved someone stalling on the bridge. It went downhill from there.
14 other vehicles would end up being involved on what was a 4 vehicle crash and four other crashes on different parts of the bridge. The parties involved in the one crash decided to steer it and clear it to the Riverview exit:

Emergency crews rushed to get to the scene of the incident but the morning peak traffic was not doing favors.

The good news was that everyone walked away from the incident with just minor injuries.

Had the admins were able to monitor this incident as it happened, it would likely been a CodeRed situation. It takes over an hour to clear this incident and it was a blessing that traffic was not forced through Alton during the morning peak. A lot of credit goes to the parties involved in the crashes by following the “Steer it and clear it” law that is in the books on both sides of the river, and to the emergency crews by getting the remaining vehicles cleared quickly. The last time that many vehicles were involved in an incident was in 1992 – weather played an impact in that one. Weather was not a factor for this incident except that it was very cold outside. All three news stations were on this incident when it happened.


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