North County incidents hamper morning peak

Posted: 2015/03/18 in accident, stall
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This morning, there were three incidents that hampered the North County drive, one of them happening on 270 and the other two on 367 between 270 and the Clark Bridge.

The first happened in the 6 AM hour south of the Clark Bridge:

It closed down 1 lane of traffic before Route 94 and caused traffic to back up in Alton and is not cleared for an hour.

It supposedly may have drawn more people down to 270 this morning only for this to happen:

This incident backed up traffic to 255 and just made the morning go from bad to worse.  It blocked one lane of traffic and on this section of 270 that is all it needs to cause a 7 mile traffic jam.

Just for good measure, there was another incident that hampered the Clark Bridge drive, even though this one was on northbound 367:

This one made the morning news.  The other two incidents are not cleared until the 08:00 hour.


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