Evening peak snarled by a pair of incidents

Posted: 2015/03/19 in accident, stall
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While one of the admins was trying to get some sleep this afternoon (working night shifts and still trying to get over a cold), the string of incidents that has been happening for the past few weeks continued to occur:

Nothing like kicking off the evening peak with an stalled vehicle on the river bridge.

Traffic would back up to 367 before it is cleared in the 15:00 hour:

If anyone thought that things would settle down after that was cleared was wrong, as a second incident would ensure, this one westbound:

This one was closer to the river bridge, and briefly blocked both westbound lanes to allow crews to position their vehicles.

One lane would be blocked causing traffic to back up towards Route 203 before it is cleared around 17:00.

It takes over 30 minutes for the traffic flow to restore to normal levels westbound and eastbound was delayed starting at Lilac just to take a look.


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