Severe weather threat for Wednesday and Thursday

Posted: 2015/04/07 in Weather

This week may bring the first threat of severe storms of 2015 for this section of 270, and this morning on 5% marginal odds a severe storm developed just a few miles to the south.  However, the chances of severe weather is higher on both Wednesday and Thursday, with 15% chance on Wednesday and a 30% chance on Thursday.  The main threat for Wednesday, just like today, is hail – possibly enough to cover the ground and temporarily make roads impassable.  Strong and damaging  winds could happen on Thursday when the main event rolls through sometime during the morning hours.

The outlook for the rest of tonight is not likely go see severe weather, but strong storms can sneak into the area like it did this morning and as a result, the scheduled overnight closures have been pushed back to tomorrow night.

Wednesday outlook as of 17:30 Tuesday

Wednesday outlook as of 17:30 Tuesday

The I-270 corridor is still in the slight risk (at least 15% chance of severe storms popping), but the enhanced risk is just to the west.

Thursday outlook as of 17:30 Tuesday

Thursday outlook as of 17:30 Tuesday

The better odds is Thursday as this section of 270 is under the enhanced risk (at least 30% chance of severe storms popping).  Truckers will need to take special precautions as the forecast for Thursday calls for damaging winds that can topple over tractor-trailers.

The storm forecast is still subject to change as the next SPC update will be coming during the overnight hours.  This post may be updated as necessary.


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