There are some updates regarding the Bellefontaine Neighbors infamous speed trap that need to be shared.  As it looks right now, the alleged ticket quota system is likely heading to a lawsuit after an clip aired on KMOV this evening.  With the city alderman meeting not until May 7, it may be a few days before any new details regarding this story will be posted.  The local police chief is retiring effective on April 30, it will not be a surprise that a new police chief will be named soon for that town.

There is another update, is that a second westbound lane on the Poplar Street Bridge will close on Friday evening and will last through July.  Should things on this section of 270 goes south (especially during the morning peak), this closure virtually removes I-64 as a possible alternate during the morning peak hours.  Sometime in July, IDOT will close the King Bridge for a few months, which will remove yet another alternate route from the equation.

Last week did not go without incident, one of the followers on twitter confirmed 2 separate incidents during the peak periods:

This one took a shot of the brand new guardrail around MM 1.6. It was cleared around 06:00 and since it happened eastbound, there was no major traffic impacts, however this one was in the morning news for that morning.

The other happened at one of the worst times of the week – Friday afternoon rush hour:

Did not find out how bad traffic backed up on this one – was still at work when this one happened and left for a weekend trip out of the area as soon as the shift ended.


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