Enhanced severe weather threat for this afternoon

Posted: 2015/04/25 in Weather

This morning, the NWS had upgraded the severe weather threat for this section of 270 from slight risk to enhanced risk, with the biggest risk of severe weather coming from hail and damaging winds.

Hail odds

Hail odds

Odds of strong winds

Odds of strong winds

This was a major change from yesterday, where the threat was expected just to the southeast. With the rain this morning, the section of 270 is now under an CodeYellow advisory for slight risk odds of an incident happening.  Should the severe weather hit, truckers must take special care on the strong winds that could topple the tractor-trailers. On a unrelated note, prom season is underway and over the next few weeks you may encounter teenagers that are not used to driving on this section of 270.  Please pay attention out there. The morning peak yesterday had a minor incident but thankfully this one was on the island:

There is one bit of good news for the people that use Route 3 to access 270:

That ramp reopened Thursday morning, and should end the delays that drivers encountered trying to get on 270 from Route 3.


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