Overnight lane closures tonight, major North County changes coming

Posted: 2015/06/09 in construction, MoDOT
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Tonight from 21:00 to 05:00 tomorrow, there will be one lane closed in both directions on 270 from the river bridge to Route 3 so crews from Walsh Construction can install rumble strips along the shoulders.

Later this summer, eastbound drivers will be in for some major changes up in North County, so it is time to give some spoilers that have already been leaked to North County officials.  These changes will affect drivers that use either the Clark Bridge or this section of 270 to do their commute, so the people from the River Bend region that cuts through North County west of 367 needs to read this section below:

The first one will involved narrowed lanes and mainline being reduced to 2 lanes.

The second one is much more drastic – the eastbound mainline will be shut down at New Halls Ferry and traffic routed along the exit ramp and outer road system before traffic reenters past Old Halls Ferry.

The bottom line is that the evening peak will be hell once the work starts, as over 120K vehicles use that section of 270 from 170 to 367.  Start planning those alternate routes involving Parker Road and Lindbergh, especially if you opt for the Clark Bridge.


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