I-270 North County lane restrictions pushed backed to July 15

Posted: 2015/07/09 in construction
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First the good news is that the southbound lanes of 67 south of the Clark Bridge reopened on Tuesday.  It couldn’t have come soon enough as the morning peak period this morning had this:

It happened during the busiest hour of the day, and the admins missed that one due to work. (Been pulling a lot of hours of work this week and next week, so a lot of non essential stuff will be delayed.)  It was the second alleged incident this week during the morning peak, as there was one on Monday as well.

Now the bad news that was spoiled last month.  MoDOT is slated to start the major North County project on 270 on July 15, and this project will affect anyone that cuts through North County, either by the Clark Bridge or using this section of 270.  This project was due to begin this week but poor weather conditions have caused the construction to be pushed back.  This project will involve 24/7 lane closures for a month and could cause morning peak traffic to back up towards Lilac and Riverview.

Last but not least, IDOT have some overnight lane closures planned for next week on eastbound 270 east of Route 3.  The lane restrictions will go from 18:00 to 06:00 from July 15 through 21.  Also starting next week, one lane of the ramp from northbound 255 to westbound 270 will close for 6 weeks for a painting project.

Check the Facebook page later tonight for a #ThrowbackThursday segment that will be shared that was taken last year.  A friend of one of the admins posted this video this week dating back to 2013. Forward it to the 12 minute mark of the video.


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