Heavy law enforcement and #ROC2015 this weekend

Posted: 2015/09/03 in safety
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This weekend, being an holiday weekend, usually means that the Illinois State Police will be out in large numbers enforcing the traffic laws. Because it is now September, the weekends means the potential for large groups of motorcycles taking part in the infamous event called Ride of the Century.  This evening, one of the known participants confirmed the date to be 9/5, but did not give time, location, or any other details as the organizers have kept a lot of the information under wraps.

What is not a secret, however, is that the majority of the annual rides have opted for this section of 270.



Some of the videos that featured sections of 270 further into North County which we are not sharing have gotten over 1M views on YouTube. The ride in 2010, which we are not sharing any footage due to the offensive nature of the clip, involved alleged flashing on the canal bridge.

The motorcyclists will travel in large groups of at least 1000+ and will cause delays when they come. This ride has gotten media attention in the previous years.

The good news is that August did not yield any major incidents, but September has not gotten off to a good start during the morning peak periods:

The monitoring of the account of the morning peak has been spotty the past two weeks – one of the admins that normally wakes up around 06:00 is now dealing with a later than normal wake up time due to an injury and is unable to drive at the present time.  Due to this send any tweets to @y98lance or @ontimestl as this account is not monitored 24/7 (if there is an serious accident you may also send tweets to @foxtrafficdiva).  The people that do tweet the conditions are not always able to do it instantly due to cell phone driving laws that are in place, and sometimes are done on a delay.  Someone just mentioned on Facebook that the google traffic maps are sometimes inaccurate, so please check the live feed camera for 270/Riverview as MoDOT has gotten that feed back up – before you make that trip.


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