Deer season is here

Posted: 2015/11/02 in safety

This is the time of the year that the admins see the Game of Thrones memes relating to Winter popping up on social media, it is now in the midst of deer season.  This morning there was an incident on the Clark Bridge drive – apparently involving a deer.  In fact, hunters will be out in force next weekend for shotgun season in Illinois.

With the time change, the peak periods now coincide with the peak hours of deer activity, especially during the evening hours.  With November starting, in just a few weeks another potential distraction will be showing up:

Although October was a very slow month (and one of the admins being sidelined with a broken foot did not help), the winter months are typically the time the highest number of incidents happen.  El Nino winters tend to be “all or nothing” when it comes to snow in this region, so there will not be a prediction this season.

From November 3-12 there will be very spotty updates if they come – one of the admins will be out of the area and likely not able to use a computer.


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