Severe weather threat expected on Veteran’s Day

Posted: 2015/11/10 in Weather

Tomorrow is a good day to stay weather aware as severe weather is possible due to a strong cold front projected to move through the area during the late afternoon hours.  The NWS has issued wind advisories to the counties just to the north that will last through Thursday morning, so people driving high profile vehicles will need to take extra precautions for the next two days.

The breakdown:

  • The projected time the storms will hit will be around the worst time of the day – 16:00 to 19:00 time window.  It does not mean it will happen during this time, but the NWS has been sticking to this for the past 24 hours.  If the storms do hit at this time, it will hit during the evening peak periods.  The only saving grace is that tomorrow is a holiday and that will mean lighter than normal evening peak.
  • Neither admin can agree on where the worst of the severe weather will hit – it will be a wait and see approach.  I have been checking the meteorologists in both the St. Louis and Central Illinois markets and some are not agreeing with the SPC at all.
  • This outbreak can be something similar to November 2013 or it could bust entirely.  The November 2013 event missed a direct hit by a few miles – and caused one of the admins to lose a lot of sleep for nearly a week.
  • They will be quick hit severe storms – should they happen.  They will bring strong winds that can topple tractor-trailers and isolated short-track tornadoes.  Please pay attention to the skies.

The other admin will likely be monitoring this heavily, so it may be a good idea to follow his own Facebook page – we will only update this page if it is absolutely necessary.  If you are using twitter, his handle is @CycloneCowboys.


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