Possible severe weather outbreak Wednesday

Posted: 2015/12/22 in Weather

EDITORS NOTE: The information posted is as of 21:50 12/22/15.  This information may be obsolete by Wednesday morning.  Please check the Illinois Storm Alerts Facebook page frequently as the other admin will likely be posting on that account. (On Twitter, handle is @CycloneCowboys)  In addition, as of 1/1/16, we will be using new initials when making Facebook posts as another admin is likely going to be added.

Slight risk of severe weather (15% odds) is predicted for Wednesday afternoon, as temperatures are expected to be in the upper 60s and low 70s.  Warm temperatures and high humidity (dense fog is expected TONIGHT) in the dead of winter usually mean major severe weather outbreaks with very strong tornadoes and the TORCON has been set to a 6.  (The higher values are located just to the southeast, so it is likely the Paducah meteorologists will be checked more than the St. Louis or Central Illinois meteorologists.)



A TORCON of 6 means there is a 60% chance of a tornado developing within 50 miles.


Current Map of the severe weather risk. SUBJECT TO CHANGE


DENSE FOG is expected tonight, although the live feed cameras have not confirmed it yet. The worst of the fog is just to the east.

As a result, expect the next few days to be under some sort of travel advisory as rain is also expected this weekend when holiday traffic will be high. Please stay weather aware and keep tabs on the changing conditions.


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