High river levels likely to affect Clark Bridge traffic

Posted: 2015/12/27 in Weather
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UPDATE 12/28/15 at 19:37 – The morning peak Tuesday and Wednesday will be much heavier than normal.  Route 3 will be off limits at the Alton/East Alton City Limits at the Wood River gate.  Route 143 is off limits between Shop N Save and 255.  Route 111 has standing water south of Roxana.  The only way you can access 270 from the RiverBend region is 255, and you must do so either at Routes 111, 140, Humbert Road, 267, or 67 ramps.  PLEASE ALLOW EXTRA TIME.  Poor weather conditions tonight and MoDOT crews scattered all over the region will prevent the conversion of NB 67 into two-way traffic at this time.

Due to the massive amount of rain in the past week, the Mississippi River is now expected to get high enough to flood the southbound lanes of Route 67 just south of the Clark Bridge tonight.


This is the most recent forecast taken today as of 12:36, and the crest is projected to be just shy of 39 feet.  The magic number for the northbound lanes is between 40-44 feet, but the last time those lanes flooded was 1993.

People that normally use the Clark Bridge for any reason need to plan on alternate routes for at least the next week.  If you choose to use 270, it is best to get on from 255 or 111.  If you use Route 3, expect delays once you are south of Hartford.  Westbound traffic may back up starting at 255, but schools in the area are closed for the Christmas holidays and most will not resume until next Monday.

Some of the emergency crews that respond to incidents on this section of 270 are calling for volunteers:


Please report to the Mitchell Fire Station on Maryville Road that is on the 4 way stop west of the railroad tracks.


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