First Monday of 2016 allegedly causes 5 peak hour incidents

Posted: 2016/01/04 in accident, congestion, Uncategorized
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The first Monday of 2016 did not get off to a good start.  With traffic still heavier than normal with the southbound lanes of 67 and the Clark Bridge still off limits with no supposed end in sight, it marked the second time in less than a week there would be delays of at least one hour and a peak hour incident in the westbound direction during the morning peak:


Except this morning there is not one but TWO incidents, with the one near Route 3 being the most serious. Both happened during the busiest hour of the day.  What do these two incidents did:

The locals in that one Riverbend specific Facebook group simply went off.

If the morning peak was bad enough, the evening picked up where the morning left off:


Didn’t find anything else about the stalled vehicle but the accident on the bridge itself caused delays in both directions as emergency crews spent almost an entire hour clearing it.

Last but not least came shortly after the 18:00 hour eastbound past the Lilac exit (still active as this post is being written at 19:26):


This one blocked one eastbound lane and caused traffic to back up to 367.

If anyone was that interested what happened last week, it wasn’t a good week at all:

Both eastbound mainline lanes were blocked for over an hour – but it happened middle of the night.

That incident caused hour long delays on the first morning of that heavier than normal traffic – during the heaviest hours of the day.


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