First snow of season coming this weekend

Posted: 2016/01/08 in Weather
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If the fact that the southbound lanes of the Clark Bridge remain closed is bad enough, the fact the weather is hinting S*** for this weekend will make it even worse.


While this event could be “all or nothing”, strong winds that are expected to accompany this system means that truckers need to take extra precautions. While this event will fall on a weekend, the potential for the Monday morning peak to be a nasty one is there.

If snow does fall, the potential of slush and flash freezing do exist, especially on both the river and canal bridges.  If you need to be on this section of 270 during the evening tomorrow, please take extra precautions.

Next week the weather is expected to be very cold, which could turn that portion of Route 67 that is still flooded into an ice rink.  If that happened, it will further complicate the timeline of reopening a vital alternate route.

Speaking of the heavier than normal traffic, there was another incident at Route 3 on Tuesday, then the rest of the week went without incident.  The Route 3 ramps leading to the canal bridge have been a choke point as early as 06:30, so please leave early.  The 06:00 and 07:00 hours are the busiest hours of the day for westbound traffic.


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