Possible impacts with Lighthouse project

Posted: 2016/02/04 in congestion, safety

Last night, the news of the proposed Lighthouse development just north of the river bridge on the Missouri side broke.  The admins are split over the project, given that one of the admins has his employer just to the south of that site.

wb270-mm35-proposed site

Should the project go through and get approved there are a few possible impacts that could happen.

  1. Increased traffic at the Riverview exit.  The ramp from Riverview to EB 270 is a nasty one, its very tight with limited sight lines.  While MoDOT does have long term plans regarding this exit, there is no funding at this time and a fix could take years.
  2. More distraction for westbound drivers.  You cannot miss the site when you drive west on 270 right now.  This section of 270 is bad enough right now during the morning peak.
  3. Increased number of incidents.  It will just be a matter of time before someone has an epic fail on this section of 270.  The most likely place of the increased incidents will be the Riverview exit itself, as the east end of the interchange is tight.

It is still too soon to figure in the full impacts.  The project is expected to begin this summer should the developers get the green light from the City of St. Louis.


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