Snow at poor time leads to a terrible morning peak

Posted: 2016/02/09 in accident, Weather
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Last night right before midnight a post was made to warn drivers to be extra cautious this morning.  Apparently that went to deaf ears.  Mother Nature did not help matters at all, as a quick shot of snow moved into the area at a bad time of the day.  The problems began before the busiest time of the day started, with snow and black ice playing a big role.

This incident was one of the first of the morning and it happened on that hill that likes to rear its ugly head during snow events.


The incident that led to that actually was further down 270 in North County. One of the admins later confirmed that there was 6 vehicles involved at the West Florissant exit – where there is another hill. That incident blocked the mainline and caused the delays that went all the way back to the bridge.

The morning got even worse:


This incident happened just before the river bridge. The parties involved moved their vehicles to the shoulder. Traffic now was backed up to 203.


270 is a parking lot starting west bound from111, reportedly all the way into Mo.

Posted by Chain of Rocks/I-270 on Tuesday, February 9, 2016

One of the admins got caught up in this and posted a photo to the Facebook page around that time. Just to top off the morning, a second incident happened on the island:


The admins got unconfirmed reports of the travel times from 111 to 170 taking over 90 minutes that morning.

This was later shared to the Facebook group that keeps eye on traffic on 367


Bedell: Yup.

Posted by Q104 FM on Monday, February 2, 2015

The problems on 270 was not helped by the fact there were incidents on 367, 55/70, 64, and the McKinley Bridge this morning.

Just for good measure, more snow is expected Wednesday evening into Thursday morning.  The timing of this system could happen at a bad time once again.


Here’s a map showing the latest thinking on snow amounts for Wednesday through Wednesday night. Expect snow to start in…

Posted by US National Weather Service Saint Louis Missouri on Tuesday, February 9, 2016

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