Light snow possible Sunday

Posted: 2016/02/13 in Weather

The admins have been holding off on the post all day Saturday despite the issuing of the Winter Weather Advisory earlier this afternoon.  There are still more questions about the track and the type of winter precipitation that this system will bring.  This system will bring at least 2 inches of snow, and there is a problem with that:

The is talk of some ice, which we have a even bigger problem with – it takes little ice to cause major problems on a section of 270 that does not have a good history with any type of icing event.


And some of the questions is the media just to the north (Springfield/Peoria) running their mouth with 6 inches, and the media just to the south (Cape Girardeau/Paducah) talking major icing:



The bottom line:

  • At least 2 inches of snow (odds at 60% for <2 inches, 5% for >4 inches)
  • Some glazing (10% chance of ice > .01)
  • Potential of a bust is very high, and we do not expect the storm to behave as forecast.
  • The ground is very cold and anything that touches it will freeze instantly.
  • Weather models are very inconsistent with a “all or nothing” prediction of snow.

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