Rain with borderline temps means tricky Tuesday morning peak is on tap

Posted: 2016/02/15 in Weather

Usually there is no post that happens when the forecast involves rain, but this one is an exception.  The temperatures are expected to be borderline or just below freezing – and the timing of this system is expected to put this in time for the morning peak.  The ground is cold as well – as long it is dark outside there is a chance of precipitation “freezing from below”.


Tonight into the morning there is a chance of freezing fog developing as well, as fog was around most of the day.  Since this section of 270 does not have a good history when any amount of freezing rain hits, the admins are concerned with the precipitation and the timing in a big way.

As such the morning peak Tuesday will be nasty.  While the freezing rain will eventually change over to liquid rain by late morning – odds are that the damage may be done by that time that happens.

The admins were not happy with the way the incidents piled up on Sunday on 2 inches of snow and people driving too fast for conditions. There was a near miss on the river bridge while the snow was falling – and two incidents near the Route 111 exits.  While the “Big One” didn’t happen in the St. Louis metro during that event, it did happen near Effingham:



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