Snow and strong winds moving in for Wednesday morning peak

Posted: 2016/02/23 in Weather
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More winter weather is moving into the area and once again it is expected to roll in at a bad time of the day.  The Wednesday morning peak is expected to be snowy and strong wind gusts will be roaring through the area.  Heavy wet snow is expected along with wind gusts exceeding 40 MPH. The bad news is that the snow will fall during the worst time of the day – the morning peak. While a sizable amount of snow is possible, it is possible that no snow can fall on the northwest side of the 270/255 loop but several inches can fall 10-15 miles away. The bust potential is 50% but the odds of 6+ inches is over 40%.



The worst part of the storm is the wind, and anyone with high profile vehicles need to take extra precautions. The wind is bad enough on the river bridge, it is even worse on the canal bridge. With the snow, the inclines on the canal bridge and on that hill just west of Lilac will be major players during the morning peak. Extreme caution must be taken during this time.


No signs of pretreating was done prior to this event as it will begin as rain. In addition, a lot of the lights along the 270 mainline, especially between MM 1.2 to 1.8 and again at the 203/Old Alton Road interchange are not working tonight, so be wary of the reduced visibility.


The reason why we opted to wait to post this was easy. Models were all over the place and this was a very difficult storm to forecast by even the professionals.


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