Incidents marring the North County construction zone

Posted: 2016/04/03 in accident
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ADMINS NOTE: Normally a post would been made the evening following an significant incident that happened in the morning peak but due to internet issues, work commitments, and family obligations, it had to be deferred to this evening. Some of the incidents in question actually happened earlier last week and in some cases up to two weeks ago.


Avoid the area if possible. We are following this story and will have the latest updates on News 4 at 5:30.

Posted by KMOV on Sunday, April 3, 2016

But first there was a major incident in both directions that shut down 270 in North County west of 367 earlier this afternoon:


The kicker that it was NOT the only incident that happened in that area of 270 this afternoon. Secondary incidents allegedly formed eastbound near West Florissant and westbound near New Halls Ferry. It takes 4 hours to clear all the incidents this afternoon.


The whole section of 270 up in North County has been riddled with incidents since early March, complete with a peak hour fatality incident, a second fatality incident, and at least two mornings where incidents backed up traffic into Illinois.

The most recent of such an incident happened on March 30, and it began before daylight broke:

It is cleared by 06:00 but the tone for the morning peak was set and it went downhill from there:


That incident backed up traffic into Illinois, and allegedly caused this secondary incident on an exit ramp:


And just for good measure, that incident at Lilac caused a SECOND secondary incident – right on the river bridge:


This backed up traffic past 203 and it will take over an hour to clear that incident.

That string of incidents may be enough to snap that nearly 13 month streak without a major incident on this section of 270, despite the fact all the incidents that morning were seemingly minor.

That morning was the second time in two weeks that incidents plauged the morning drive.    St. Patrick’s Day was not a lucky morning:

Combine that with the construction and traffic backed up 11 miles all the way to Route 111.


The morning before was just as bad:

That incident came the morning after crews started the work zone lane closures between Lilac and 367.

The recent string of incidents are disturbing and 3 people have lost their lives on 270 in North County in just the past six weeks.


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